Symptoms Of A Broken Sewer Line

Older homes do what you think they should; they get older throughout the years. When they do, some of the sewer lines installed with a 25-35 year life span begin to break down, leaving you with drainage lines that are affected by tree root intrusions, cracks, misaligned connections, or complete sewer line failures. Often enough, failed or collapsed sewer line repairs come with huge repair costs, affecting more than just the lines in most cases. Having a proper inspection performed on your sewer line will help you identify if it is deteriorating or possibly broken before it becomes a real problem.

A qualified sewage damage technician can identify areas of the sewer line attached to your home. When you experience slow draining sinks or drains and hard to flush toilets, an obstruction may exist. If it is happening with every fixture, you have a problem in your main line, if it only happens on a particular drain, it is more likely isolated to a single pipe. If having someone come out to clean your sewer lines does not repair the issue, this can be a symptom of a broken or deteriorated sewer line that needs repair. Remember, using harsh chemicals that you purchase at a local store to attempt to clean your sewer lines quickly usually cause more damage than their worth. The chemicals eat away at the internal lining, further degrading the sewer lines you seek to protect.

More common problems associated with possible sewer line breaks include sewer odors in or around your home, mold growth in various areas of the home accompanied by sewer odors, and even slow drains. Extra bright green, dense patches on your lawn, uneven areas throughout your yard or under paved areas, massive foundation cracks, settlement and eventually, sinkholes, are all external signs of possible sewer line breaks. If you experience pools of waste developing anywhere in your yard, a broken septic tank or broken line may exist directly under the location of the pooling water.

RodentRodent and Insect infestations are often a sign associated with broken sewer lines. Your drainage lines tie into the city sewers, where many rats live. Adventurous rodents use these sewer lines to make their way to various locations, broken sewer lines around your home give a migrating rodent an offramp on their super sewer highway. Various insects, such as cockroaches and sewage flies enter your home through tiny cracks and require professional pest control services to eliminate properly.

If you are currently experiencing any or all of these symptoms, get an inspection performed by a qualified sewage damage restoration company. A failing sewer system can cause substantial damage to your home and expose you to many unsavory circumstances that you would rather avoid. Replacement is always an option, but you should not dismiss other options available to you, such as pipelining and repairing your existing lines. Contact the professionals today for assistance with your degrading sewer line before it becomes a problem.

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