Six Ways To Prevent Electrical Fires

By Jamie Shelley

As many restoration experts know, electrical fires do serious damage to commercial and residential properties all over the country. However, there are several prevention strategies you can implement to decrease the likelihood that a disaster will impact your home or office. Read the information and advice found below to keep your property as fire-proof as possible:

Six Ways To Prevent Electrical Fires

1. Look for damaged electrical cords
Every now and again, check your cords to see if there are any frayed or damaged wires. Also, look at your plugs to make sure they’re not bent. If they are, be sure to replace them as quickly as possible.

2. Don’t cover your cords
Don’t tuck your cords under carpets or hide them across doorways.

To protect these devices from the huge rush of voltage that can cause fires, utilize surge protectors.
To protect these devices from the huge rush of voltage that can cause fires, utilize surge protectors.

3. Ensure that your light bulbs have the right wattage
Each light has a specific wattage restriction indicating what it can handle. Typically, a light or lamp will show the highest wattage level that the bulb can use. Be sure to conform to these guidelines. Some lights and fixtures will cause melting or fire if the wattage level is exceeded.

4. Check for overloaded plugs
Thanks to the rise of the power strip, it’s quite easy to overload your plugs. If you find that your appliances appear dim or are no longer functioning optimally, you might have overloaded your plug.

5. Install power surge protectors
Electrical appliances and computers can suffer when a power surge transpires. To protect these devices from the huge rush of voltage that can cause fires, utilize surge protectors.

6. Check your electrical system
If your residential property is 40 years old or more, it’s time to check the entire electrical system as well as the wiring. In many cases, properties are subjected to fires because of outdated aluminum wiring and faulty wiring. Old wiring should be replaced with more fire-resistant material, such as copper.

Call A Professional Today
Although implementing fire prevention strategies can decrease your home’s susceptibility to a disaster, there is still a chance that a mishap could occur. If your home is subjected to an electrical fire, call a fire damage restoration company. IICRC-certified technicians will work with skill and speed to ensure that your property is restored to its original condition.

Jamie Shelley

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