How To Reduce The Risk Of Tornado Damage In Commercial Buildings

Unfortunately, there is no way that a commercial business owner can eliminate the damage done by a violent tornado. However, business owners who have property in regions prone to tornadoes can use several strategies to minimize the damage done to their facilities. To learn how you can reduce the likelihood of a tornado striking your commercial building, consider the short outline provided below:

Protecting Your Staff
• To protect your employees, make sure that you develop and disseminate a clear, concise emergency plan. This plan should outline what employees and supervisors are to do if a tornado is imminent. The procedures should be practiced with tornado drills.

emergency plan• Buy a weather radio. Make sure it possesses capabilities for local discrimination. Use the radio to carefully monitor local weather conditions. This will ensure that your staff can be moved to other locations if doing so becomes necessary.

• Identify a quality source from which you can attain good weather information. This could be something like a tone-alert weather radio.

• Designate an individual to monitor warning information and local radar throughout each tornado watch.

Pay Attention To Warnings And Watches
• Tornado watches are a sign indicating that there exists a significant probability of tornadoes in a region near you.

• Tornado warnings indicate that a tornado has been seen in your county. The warnings can also indicate a high probability that a tornado exists near your area.

Safety Precautions
• Keep your exterior windows and doors closed during a tornado watch or warning. This will help prevent flying debris and rain from getting in. Additionally, keeping the doors closed will help create more barriers between the storm and your staff.

• Find the ideal protective area for staff members to attain shelter if the tornado occurs. Typically, basements are considered the ideal place to go for shelter. Small interior rooms and corridors located on a building’s first floor are also deemed ideal.

• Don’t shelter staff members in a location where outside walls exist. Be especially cautious against glass windows.

• If your building is located in an area prone to tornadoes but does not offer adequate protection, contact a contractor who can construct a safe room.

Commercial business owners who want to keep their buildings safe against tornadoes should know that several strategies can be employed to realize this objective. It’s also important to know that getting in contact with professional water remediation specialists is a good idea. This way, you will know who to contact if a tornado strikes and you require restoration services. To get the best services available, keep the professionals in mind. As a team of well-versed technicians with extensive industry experience, professionals can provide you with the expedient, effective damage recovery services you deserve.  Learn more